Kellie Kowalski

Thrive Aviation

The Project

Corporate Flights International recently came under new management and wanted to rebrand. As part of that project, I was on the team tasked with their new website.

The Process

Information Architecture

The new website needed to address their services, fleet specifications, loyalty program, and provide a clear path to booking. One large aspect would be designing an informational page about each type of aircraft for two kinds of users. One that doesn't care about the technical specifications, and one that does.


With the sitemap approved, I began high fidelity wireframes. However, instead of using Greek copy, I wanted to ensure the structure I was creating would support the available information.

So I used the in-progress branding document to pull out headlines and important business information that would correspond to the templates outlined in the sitemap.

High fidelity desktop wireframes
High fidelity mobile wireframes
In the mobile sizes, the menu icon moves to the right, and the booking button fixes to the bottom of the screen. This would make it easier for right-handed users to access those targets.

After testing the booking engine widget, we found it wasn't 100% accessible, and decided to link users to a new new page in the engine instead of using their iframe. Additionally, the client requested a way to call or email to initiate a booking requests. Many of their clients actually preferred speaking to a person when chartering a flight, and that personalized service is a cornerstone of Thrive Aviation's brand.

As a result, I reworked the booking CTA to provide multiple points of contact to charter a flight.

Style tiles

As is often the case in integrated agencies, the web team was working on a timeline alongside the creative team working on the rebrand. So while we hammered out the IA and wireframes, they were working on naming and logos.

We met up, as is often the case, at style tiles. Corporate Flights International was reborn as Thrive Aviation.

Two style tiles with distinct fonts, styles, and color schemes.
I initially explored two concepts, encompassing color schemes, typography, interactive elements & possible module designs.
Final style tile
The final version merged elements of the first two concepts.


Once the wireframes & style tiles were approved, I designed the comps and created interactive prototypes to define the motion design principles.

Desktop comps showing multiple page templates.

The Result

The client was happy with their new upscale look and feel, which finally matched their incredible concierge service.

This site won a Bronze Addy at the 2020 Las Vegas Advertising Awards.

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