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Intelligent Automated Marketing

Neuton is a CRM tool for creating, managing and deploying your multi-channel campaigns. It can deploy an integrated campaign across multiple channels, without having to switch between a suite of different apps.

The marketing materials contained quite a bit of industry lingo, so I wanted to illustrate the application’s core strengths by showing how it would work with a real campaign. So I created a fictional CRM client - a boutique hotel by a coastline - to demonstrate how it could target different demographics.

Email comps showing 3 different segment messages.

Right Person, Right Time, Right Message.

Neuton’s strength lies in its powerful data and behavior-driven campaign management. To convey this without a lot of technical jargon, I designed a slider module that would allow a user to walk through a campaign lifecycle.

By switching the segments - business travel, vacationers, & retirees - the email changes its messaging to match.

Segments include the default, work travelers, traveling retirees, and vacationers - while the lifecycle covers new acquisition, onboarding, loyalty, and reactivation.

Without a lot of application screenshots to work with, the feature lists are broken up into the five main functions of Neuton.

I included the demo campaign materials where possible to show functionality and punctuated the flow with the same bubble animations from the logo and hero module.

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