Kellie Kowalski


Accessibility for Designers

Digital accessibility has gone from being a niche specialty to a core requirement for interactive designers. So while we can all agree that’s a great thing for users, it can be overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with the territory.

Here we'll cover the basic "low hanging fruit" of accessible design.

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Lessons in International Typography

With clients in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul, I’ve had to learn a fair amount about working with their respective character sets, and the gaps in most typefaces. Here’s a rundown on what I’ve learned so far.

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Why I Use Briefbox

Why am I using a practice brief service if I'm a senior designer who's been doing this professional for nearly 15 years? For good reason, actually. It's pretty fun to get out of my usual niche, and it allows me to help new designers level up.

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The Myth of Pixel Perfection

Static comps aren’t a realistic expression of a website. Instead, our deliverables have changed from static pages to dynamic systems.

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A Brief Introduction to Email Design

Almost no one gets out of school and decides they're going into email design. If you've suddenly found yourself volunteered for email duty, here's a handful of beginner tips for smoothing out some of the bumps.

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About me

I’m based in Las Vegas, NV, where I work on websites and apps with a focus on UI design and accessibility.

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